Facts You Should Know About Video Marketing

In the past, no one considered that explainer video examples content will become such a huge hit. In fact, a lot of people back then wouldn’t even consider video content for their websites. But now, things are way different. Every business and website would have at least one or two web content because consumers today want more video content.

Surveys and studies shows that video marketing is growing at a rapid pace and more and more consumers prefer to learn about products and services by watching videos instead of reading brochures or dealing with salesmen.

Indeed, there’s a tremendous growth in the field of online video marketing. Everyday there’s around seven billion videos are watched on YouTube and Facebook alone. And we are not talking about the videos shared on other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and others.

Video marketing is very popular that 90% of consumers have watched at least one video each week. Aside from that, they admit that the videos they have watched have changed their opinions or perception of the product.

Videos are crucial for businesses. The proper use of videos would propel the business to the next level, improve their image to customers and increase their sales.

64% of consumers believe that businesses that use online videos for marketing understands their customers more compared to those that don’t use videos.

More than 50% of consumers today insist that a business must include a video content on their website.

85% of consumers would like a video that appeared on their newsfeed.

55% of consumers would watch a video that is sent through their email.

Almost 80% of consumers have shared a video on their social media accounts.

43% of consumers would likely read email and newsletters if there’s a link to video. 76% of online visitors would stay longer if the website they visit has videos.

Videos are helpful to consumers as well. They find videos helpful in order to get to know the product or service and make a purchase.

80% of consumers would say that watching a video helped them learn more about the company and more than half of them would say that videos about the company is a lot more helpful when purchasing a product or a service.

58% of consumers find online video customer testimonials helpful when making decisions.

25% of consumers would lose interest in a company if they don’t have videos.

Considering all these things, videos surely bring a lot of marketing opportunities to businesses.