Moving To A Fictional World

You know, I’ve been spending a lot of time in certain forum online. And somehow, I’ve grown addicted to it. In fact, there are times that I spend a lot of time that I end up forgetting my dinner or the fact that it is way past bedtime. Well… I can’t help it. The forum is really interesting and it is even more interesting that I get to interact with various people around the world with various beliefs, various interests and various points of views. Spending time in this forum has opened my eyes to new things and has given me the opportunity to broaden my understanding.

The interesting thing about this is that this forum is unique. This is not a forum for businessmen or professionals. This is also not a forum for those talking about certain products or services. It is a forum where people who love to read online books and novels can share their opinions, discuss general ideas and talk about various things – including topics that are not related to the online books and novels we read.

The members of this forum I frequently visit vary. I have met (not personally) a professional translator, authors, writers, novel fans, book lovers and other reading enthusiasts. There are students, teenagers, professionals and even an elderly, which comes as a surprise because the novels and online books shared in this forum are work of fiction focusing on fantasy settings, martial arts, magic and the like. I really admire these individuals because no matter what differences we have, we have gathered together to enjoy the things we have come like and that is fantasy novels.

To some reading work of fiction is a childish thing. But for these guys, it’s like a part of their lives, which is also true to me. Some people may scorn the books we read but these books have given us the solace we are looking for. This world sucks. It is a fact. We are powerless and we wish we have the strength to change the things we don’t like. That’s why we admire the heroes of our fantasy novels. That’s why we love reading their stories. That’s why we read these books to escape the harsh reality of life.

Sometimes, I would wish to move into these worlds. If Stallion Moving could really help me move in to these fictional worlds, then that would be great!

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