When Rats Evolve Further, We Are in Big Problem

Did you know that rats could grow bigger than your pet dog? In fact, rats would grow big and could take over the world. And this is a scary thing, since rats these days are very large already. A world with gigantic rats would be a terrifying scenario and fortunately we won’t be there when that happens.

As far as Science and Mother Nature is concerned, animals evolve. They would in various ways in order for them to survive. They would evolve in order to fill the empty ecological niches just like in the post-dinosaur age, when the dinosaurs perished and rodent-sized mammals proliferated and evolved across the land. Thus, the age of mammals began.

If given enough time, rats would evolve in many ways that you could imagine. For now, we have rats that are bigger, smarter and faster. Some rats today are hardier than others and are immune to various rat poisons. In the future, the evolution of these rats would be more fascinating and horrifying than these. Maybe humanity would see rats that could threaten human civilization.

But what happens if rats evolve into something we could never have imagined and if they evolved for now. What if they evolve into something monstrous just like in fantasy books and games? What if these rats become mutants or cause something like a zombie apocalypse? That would be a huge danger for us! Although the likelihood for this to happen is very small, we can never tell.

Because rats could evolve into something more sinister, it is our duty to halt or delay their evolution. If we could, we should try our best to bar them from our cities or regulate their population. We should employ new ways to effectively capture or kill rats plaguing our communities. We should discourage rats in our communities and educate people. This is our responsibility.

Although rodent control services and authorities are doing their job against these pests, we all know that their efforts are not enough. They cannot do everything, which is why we need to help them. If not, then be prepared for mutant rat invasion!

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