Too Sick to Help a Friend

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You know what troubles me today? Well, I have failed to uphold the promise I made to my friend. My promise was to help him prepare his move. I was supposed to come to his apartment and help with the packing and preparation but the problem is I cannot come because I am sick.

In fact, while I am writing this post of mine, I am sniffling and feverish. I also have coughing fits which is quite painful to the throat and nasal (because of my stuffy nose) and very much annoying. I am just bored and had nothing else to do plus I am tired of staying on the bed which is why I decided to do something else instead – hence, I went to my blog to write.

Several weeks ago, my friend spoke to me about his plan to move and asked for my assistance. Of course, as a good friend I offered it. He has helped me before and I have to return the favor you know. So during all his preparation to move, I was helping him every step of the way (except for today) including looking for a new apartment. I even helped him look for mover. With all the many moving companies, it wasn’t an easy task but we were still able to find one that we believe is good for him. I was also with him when we visited the moving company’s office and discuss the details of his move.

Because of all the effort I have spent on helping my friend move, I feel bad about not being to help him during this time. Can’t help it. I am sick. I don’t want him to contract the sickness I am currently having. If he too gets sick, he might be forced to reschedule his move. I don’t want that to happen and certainly he won’t want it as well. I just hope he truly understands my plight today.

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