The Pied Piper Hamelin Against Rats

Rats are definitely hard to get rid of. No matter how much poison we use, no matter how many traps we use and no matter what methods we use, they seem to grow in number, smarter and more resilient than before. Sooner or later, the rodent pest control Huntington Beach we hire today will no longer be able to handle this crazy infestation. They would be forced to fight a losing battle, unless things change and new and more effective methods for catching and getting rid of rats would appear. I just wish someone with the same skills as the Pied Piper Hamelin would exist. Surely, such person would be able to get rid of rats so easily.

Most of us know the story of the Pied Piper Hamelin and how he was able to liberate the town of Hamelin from the multitudes of rats plaguing their town. Of course, the story didn’t end well but the fact that the “piper” was able to get rid of the rats makes him a hero. If he truly exists now, cities upon cities would be liberated as well. When he starts playing his tune, rats would come out from their hiding places and follow him around. This would be a disturbing and disconcerting thing. We would hear a lot of screaming and would see a lot of men or women scrambling out of the way.

But if we hire the “piper” we would need to pay him appropriately. We know how the story went and we wouldn’t want him to spirit away our kids. Thinking about this, it could still happen because there are plenty of leaders who are either cheapskate or dishonorable.

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