Horrible Date Leading To A Sad Realization

I had the worst date ever.

Seriously sucked.

There is this girl I know and she is nice. She had beaming eyes and a beautiful smile. Her perfume smells wonderful and the way she giggles really catches my attention. She’s lively and always full of smiles. When she complains, I find it cute. The way she looks at me for confirmation is just intoxicating, pleasing and beautiful.

However, that date we had really shattered my image of her. Seriously, it was bad.

I know women love to be late when it comes to a date. However, she was an hour late. Still I was able to forgive her tardiness because she came perfectly beautiful. She dressed informally. Seeing her in jeans and T-shirt was somewhat refreshing compared to her usual uniform.

We went to the mall to watch a move. I have chosen a romantic comedy movie already because we both love romantic comedies. Unfortunately, we arrive 30 minutes after the move started, so we decided to wait for the next screening time and enjoy our time together strolling inside the mall. And that’s when the disaster started.

When dating, the number one rule is to never talk with your ex and be sensitive with your date. However, it seemed like she does not know this rule. She talked about nothing but her ex like what kind of guy he was, how good he was, the wrong things he did and so on and so forth. It really felt uncomfortable to me and she never noticed this.

As we gradually wasted our time chatting and strolling around the mall, I gradually saw her imperfections because of her frequent talks about her ex. She had bad breath. She had thick brows. She had a few hairs above her lips resembling a thin moustache. Eventually, I lost interest in her. She just became a female acquaintance. All the special feelings I had for her disappeared like the wind.

But since I am a gentleman, I just kept silent and continued with our date. Even though we watched a romantic comedy film, I was so appalled with her that I wanted to go home right away.

I am a bit sad with what happened. I am sad because my admiration for the girl I like all disappeared. It is such a waste but this might be a good thing. At least, I learned right away that my feelings for her were superficial.

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