My Friend The SEO Expert

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Does age really matter when it comes to looking for professional local seo services and experts?

You see, I have this friend who works as a local SEO consultant and not to promote him or anything but he is good at what he is doing despite the fact that he is just 23 years old. Yes, a lot of people would see him as too young for the SEO and online marketing industry, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. There’s no rule stating you have to be at this age to become an internet marketing expert. All that really matters is the results. If the results are good, then age of the consultant doesn’t really matter at all. And as far as I see it, his clients are happy with his work.

My friend has started working in the SEO industry for a long time already. He told me that he started as a writer, working for various SEO and marketing guys who in turn paid him for his services as well as taught him many things about SEO. Eventually, he used the knowledge he gradually obtained in starting his own SEO and online marketing service.

Yes, the road was tough. There were instances wherein he suffered failures but there were even more instances wherein he gained success. With his hands on experience in SEO and continuous studies, he gradually improved and became the successful marketing professional he is today. How can I say he is successful? Well, at the age of 23 he already owns his own online marketing company with more than a dozen guys working under him. He has several known businesses for his clients. If he is not good, I don’t know what you can call that.

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