Myself and My Childhood

What should I be writing here? Hmmm… how about anything. I mean you can write anything under the sun in the blog you own right? So, let us write things about me.

What’s my name? Secret! I won’t tell my name. This is my blog and I have the right to hide my identity.

How old am I? I am 25 years old. Still young.

Gender? I’m a guy.

Height and weight? Not sure. LOL.

Likes? Many too mention. Food. Games. Internet. Books. Magazines. Etc.

Slam book is for girls.

Slam book is for girls.

Dislikes? POLITICS!

Dreams? OMG! This is getting more and more similar to a slam book. Seriously, this is a blog so enough talking about me. Let’s talk about something else.

Now, what should we be talking about? Ahh! I know! Let us talk about my childhood.

To be honest, my childhood wasn’t great compared to others. It was just plain and average. Both my folks had work so I grew up under the care of various nannies. When I was 4, my baby brother was born and a year after my sister. Because of this, my mother decided to leave her work and become a full time mom.

I used to live in an exclusive subdivision, thanks to my parents’ work, but when my mother decided to become a full time mom and when my father’s business gradually became slow, we moved to an apartment in a shady neighborhood. Yes, it was shady. We live next to a motel where prostitutes gather. The place was known for usual riots and gang fights. I only understood this several years later. By stroke of bad luck, our apartment burned down; good thing we were able to survive it without any harm.

After the incident, we moved to my uncle’s house and lived there for several months. Eventually, we moved out and lived in the same neighborhood as them. It was a great neighborhood and I was 11 years old that time. I had good friends and we played together. It was a first time for me to live in a place where there are kids of my age. But after 5 years we had to move to our new home and that would be a story for another day. Remember I said I’d talk about my childhood. 11 + 5 would be 16 and that means I am a teenager that time.

I’ll just keep you guys hanging for a while.

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