Facts You Should Know About Video Marketing

In the past, no one considered that explainer video examples content will become such a huge hit. In fact, a lot of people back then wouldn’t even consider video content for their websites. But now, things are way different. Every business and website would have at least one or two web content because consumers today want more video content.

Surveys and studies shows that video marketing is growing at a rapid pace and more and more consumers prefer to learn about products and services by watching videos instead of reading brochures or dealing with salesmen.

Indeed, there’s a tremendous growth in the field of online video marketing. Everyday there’s around seven billion videos are watched on YouTube and Facebook alone. And we are not talking about the videos shared on other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and others.

Video marketing is very popular that 90% of consumers have watched at least one video each week. Aside from that, they admit that the videos they have watched have changed their opinions or perception of the product.

Videos are crucial for businesses. The proper use of videos would propel the business to the next level, improve their image to customers and increase their sales.

64% of consumers believe that businesses that use online videos for marketing understands their customers more compared to those that don’t use videos.

More than 50% of consumers today insist that a business must include a video content on their website.

85% of consumers would like a video that appeared on their newsfeed.

55% of consumers would watch a video that is sent through their email.

Almost 80% of consumers have shared a video on their social media accounts.

43% of consumers would likely read email and newsletters if there’s a link to video. 76% of online visitors would stay longer if the website they visit has videos.

Videos are helpful to consumers as well. They find videos helpful in order to get to know the product or service and make a purchase.

80% of consumers would say that watching a video helped them learn more about the company and more than half of them would say that videos about the company is a lot more helpful when purchasing a product or a service.

58% of consumers find online video customer testimonials helpful when making decisions.

25% of consumers would lose interest in a company if they don’t have videos.

Considering all these things, videos surely bring a lot of marketing opportunities to businesses.

Getting Used to Your New City

Moving is both exciting and intimidating. The preparations, search for moving companies, the actual move as well as the subsequent unpacking is stressful enough. Then you would have to set up a new life, which will require a lot of time and energy. In order to make the transition process a lot smoother after moving to a new city or town, then you might want to consider these things.

One of the first things you should do after moving in to a new city or town is to stop by the city hall or town hall to learn the service schedules as well as policies. You need to know when the trash or recycling days are as well as the proper way to dispose your trash. You would have to know the policies you have to follow whether as a resident or a businessman. Every city or town has their policies that you to follow or else you would have to face consequences.

Of course, you have to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. A simple hello to new neighbors as you move in can lead to friendly conversations. This would be a great opportunity to build rapport and get to know your neighbors and neighborhood as well. If this opportunity does not present itself, then why not visit your neighbors and let them know you are new to the neighborhood. Or you could throw a party and invite your neighbors for a small meet and greet party.

If you’re new to the city or town, then it would be a great idea for you to explore the area either on foot or on a bike. Exploring the city or town on a car may be able give a general idea about the place, but if you explore on foot or on a bike, then you would have a more specific view of the surroundings, establishments and local spots in the area. When exploring, it would be best to explore the downtown area first because that is where most of your businesses would take place.

After moving to a new city or town, it would be a good idea to patronize local restaurants. After moving, your kitchen would most likely be in a mess for a while and you would be too busy to make your own meals. Moreover, dining outside will be a great way to familiarize yourself to the locality and meet the locals. His practice will make you feel more comfortable about your new community and will be a good method to ingratiate yourself to local businessmen and also their staff. And this can come with perks you know.

Moving To A Fictional World

You know, I’ve been spending a lot of time in certain forum online. And somehow, I’ve grown addicted to it. In fact, there are times that I spend a lot of time that I end up forgetting my dinner or the fact that it is way past bedtime. Well… I can’t help it. The forum is really interesting and it is even more interesting that I get to interact with various people around the world with various beliefs, various interests and various points of views. Spending time in this forum has opened my eyes to new things and has given me the opportunity to broaden my understanding.

The interesting thing about this is that this forum is unique. This is not a forum for businessmen or professionals. This is also not a forum for those talking about certain products or services. It is a forum where people who love to read online books and novels can share their opinions, discuss general ideas and talk about various things – including topics that are not related to the online books and novels we read.

The members of this forum I frequently visit vary. I have met (not personally) a professional translator, authors, writers, novel fans, book lovers and other reading enthusiasts. There are students, teenagers, professionals and even an elderly, which comes as a surprise because the novels and online books shared in this forum are work of fiction focusing on fantasy settings, martial arts, magic and the like. I really admire these individuals because no matter what differences we have, we have gathered together to enjoy the things we have come like and that is fantasy novels.

To some reading work of fiction is a childish thing. But for these guys, it’s like a part of their lives, which is also true to me. Some people may scorn the books we read but these books have given us the solace we are looking for. This world sucks. It is a fact. We are powerless and we wish we have the strength to change the things we don’t like. That’s why we admire the heroes of our fantasy novels. That’s why we love reading their stories. That’s why we read these books to escape the harsh reality of life.

Sometimes, I would wish to move into these worlds. If Stallion Moving could really help me move in to these fictional worlds, then that would be great!

When Rats Evolve Further, We Are in Big Problem

Did you know that rats could grow bigger than your pet dog? In fact, rats would grow big and could take over the world. And this is a scary thing, since rats these days are very large already. A world with gigantic rats would be a terrifying scenario and fortunately we won’t be there when that happens.

As far as Science and Mother Nature is concerned, animals evolve. They would in various ways in order for them to survive. They would evolve in order to fill the empty ecological niches just like in the post-dinosaur age, when the dinosaurs perished and rodent-sized mammals proliferated and evolved across the land. Thus, the age of mammals began.

If given enough time, rats would evolve in many ways that you could imagine. For now, we have rats that are bigger, smarter and faster. Some rats today are hardier than others and are immune to various rat poisons. In the future, the evolution of these rats would be more fascinating and horrifying than these. Maybe humanity would see rats that could threaten human civilization.

But what happens if rats evolve into something we could never have imagined and if they evolved for now. What if they evolve into something monstrous just like in fantasy books and games? What if these rats become mutants or cause something like a zombie apocalypse? That would be a huge danger for us! Although the likelihood for this to happen is very small, we can never tell.

Because rats could evolve into something more sinister, it is our duty to halt or delay their evolution. If we could, we should try our best to bar them from our cities or regulate their population. We should employ new ways to effectively capture or kill rats plaguing our communities. We should discourage rats in our communities and educate people. This is our responsibility.

Although rodent control services and authorities are doing their job against these pests, we all know that their efforts are not enough. They cannot do everything, which is why we need to help them. If not, then be prepared for mutant rat invasion!

Who Needs Cleaning Services?

To some people, cleaning is a simple thing to do but for other people, cleaning is a daunting task. It is for this reason why they would hire Denver cleaning services. But just who are these people who would require cleaning services.

People who often hire cleaning services are parents with babies and small children. Taking care of a small child is no easy task, what more if you have two or three kids to take care of. It would surely take up lots of time and would exhaust any parent. Thus, they would be too tired to clean their home.

The elderly also hire cleaning services. This is because they aren’t always in their best health so that they could clean their home. Many elderly already have health problems that could be aggravated when they exert effort. Moreover, they get tired easily.

Disabled individuals or someone who is not able bodied will require the services of professional cleaners as well. They hire these professionals when they need to. These professionals will provide the extra help to keep their homes clean.

Busy professionals who have little time to clean their homes would also hire these professionals. The same can be said to stay-at-home business owners who are too preoccupied with their business. These professionals are also hired by single parents who have to divide their time in taking care of their kids as well as working.

For these individuals a cleaning service is the best help they could get when it comes to cleaning their home. These professionals can provide would provide the necessary cleaning services that are requested of them.

Too Sick to Help a Friend

Denver Moving Company

You know what troubles me today? Well, I have failed to uphold the promise I made to my friend. My promise was to help him prepare his move. I was supposed to come to his apartment and help with the packing and preparation but the problem is I cannot come because I am sick.

In fact, while I am writing this post of mine, I am sniffling and feverish. I also have coughing fits which is quite painful to the throat and nasal (because of my stuffy nose) and very much annoying. I am just bored and had nothing else to do plus I am tired of staying on the bed which is why I decided to do something else instead – hence, I went to my blog to write.

Several weeks ago, my friend spoke to me about his plan to move and asked for my assistance. Of course, as a good friend I offered it. He has helped me before and I have to return the favor you know. So during all his preparation to move, I was helping him every step of the way (except for today) including looking for a new apartment. I even helped him look for mover. With all the many moving companies, it wasn’t an easy task but we were still able to find one that we believe is good for him. I was also with him when we visited the moving company’s office and discuss the details of his move.

Because of all the effort I have spent on helping my friend move, I feel bad about not being to help him during this time. Can’t help it. I am sick. I don’t want him to contract the sickness I am currently having. If he too gets sick, he might be forced to reschedule his move. I don’t want that to happen and certainly he won’t want it as well. I just hope he truly understands my plight today.

Do you fear tomorrow?

imagesDo you fear tomorrow?

Hmmm… that is a hard question.

If you are for certain that tomorrow would be a good thing for you, then you have no reason to be afraid. In fact, you would be excited and would wish tomorrow would arrive.

However, for some people tomorrow can be a frightful thing.

People who are uncertain of their future.

People who have something they want to avoid.

People who are about to face something so terrible that it would change their lives forever.

Those are the people who would fear tomorrow.

But in my opinion, no matter how harsh the future can be, there’s no reason to fear tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a new day. It is a chance to make things better. It is a chance to improve yourself. It is a chance to build relationships to other people. It is a chance to build bridges. It is a chance for a better life. In other words, tomorrow is a world full of opportunities and it is up to you how you would grasp.

If you run away from tomorrow just because you are uncertain or you are afraid of confrontation, then that means you are afraid of becoming better.

Well, if that is the case, then it would be better if you lock yourself inside your room. Running away from tomorrow because you are afraid would mean giving up in life. After all, tomorrow would always come and if you are always afraid of tomorrow, then your life would be dull and fruitless.

The Pied Piper Hamelin Against Rats

Rats are definitely hard to get rid of. No matter how much poison we use, no matter how many traps we use and no matter what methods we use, they seem to grow in number, smarter and more resilient than before. Sooner or later, the rodent pest control Huntington Beach we hire today will no longer be able to handle this crazy infestation. They would be forced to fight a losing battle, unless things change and new and more effective methods for catching and getting rid of rats would appear. I just wish someone with the same skills as the Pied Piper Hamelin would exist. Surely, such person would be able to get rid of rats so easily.

Most of us know the story of the Pied Piper Hamelin and how he was able to liberate the town of Hamelin from the multitudes of rats plaguing their town. Of course, the story didn’t end well but the fact that the “piper” was able to get rid of the rats makes him a hero. If he truly exists now, cities upon cities would be liberated as well. When he starts playing his tune, rats would come out from their hiding places and follow him around. This would be a disturbing and disconcerting thing. We would hear a lot of screaming and would see a lot of men or women scrambling out of the way.

But if we hire the “piper” we would need to pay him appropriately. We know how the story went and we wouldn’t want him to spirit away our kids. Thinking about this, it could still happen because there are plenty of leaders who are either cheapskate or dishonorable.

Horrible Date Leading To A Sad Realization

I had the worst date ever.

Seriously sucked.

There is this girl I know and she is nice. She had beaming eyes and a beautiful smile. Her perfume smells wonderful and the way she giggles really catches my attention. She’s lively and always full of smiles. When she complains, I find it cute. The way she looks at me for confirmation is just intoxicating, pleasing and beautiful.

However, that date we had really shattered my image of her. Seriously, it was bad.

I know women love to be late when it comes to a date. However, she was an hour late. Still I was able to forgive her tardiness because she came perfectly beautiful. She dressed informally. Seeing her in jeans and T-shirt was somewhat refreshing compared to her usual uniform.

We went to the mall to watch a move. I have chosen a romantic comedy movie already because we both love romantic comedies. Unfortunately, we arrive 30 minutes after the move started, so we decided to wait for the next screening time and enjoy our time together strolling inside the mall. And that’s when the disaster started.

When dating, the number one rule is to never talk with your ex and be sensitive with your date. However, it seemed like she does not know this rule. She talked about nothing but her ex like what kind of guy he was, how good he was, the wrong things he did and so on and so forth. It really felt uncomfortable to me and she never noticed this.

As we gradually wasted our time chatting and strolling around the mall, I gradually saw her imperfections because of her frequent talks about her ex. She had bad breath. She had thick brows. She had a few hairs above her lips resembling a thin moustache. Eventually, I lost interest in her. She just became a female acquaintance. All the special feelings I had for her disappeared like the wind.

But since I am a gentleman, I just kept silent and continued with our date. Even though we watched a romantic comedy film, I was so appalled with her that I wanted to go home right away.

I am a bit sad with what happened. I am sad because my admiration for the girl I like all disappeared. It is such a waste but this might be a good thing. At least, I learned right away that my feelings for her were superficial.

Online Reputation Management is Ideal For Businesses

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Sleepy and disoriented, that is how I would like to start my post today. To be honest, I just woke up from my nap and my mind is still fuzzy to write an article. I have already decided that I would write about online reputation management today. It was our topic at the office earlier and it seems like a good thing to write about, especially since it is still fresh from my mind.

So what is online reputation management?

Well, before we answer that let us discuss about the term “online reputation”. Online reputation as the name suggest is the reputation of a business, a body or entity over the internet. It is how people see them – whether it is good or bad.

This reputation is very important for businesses because it greatly affects them. If a business has a good reputation, then it will do them good. Many people would come to their stores or call their numbers for their goods or services. But if the reputation is bad, then business would be bleak for them. Any potential customer who might knock on their doors would turn their backs once they know of the business’ poor reputation.

Now let us go back to online reputation management. Online reputation management is a particular service that helps improve the reputation of the business. If the business has a good reputation already, such service would help the business deter anything that would tarnish or damage their reputation. If the business has a bad reputation, it can help them build their reputation.

In other words, whether the reputation of a business is good or bad, internet reputation repair would be ideal for them.

So who could offer online reputation management services?

Well, those who offer such services are usually online marketing companies and consultants, which can be found easily over the internet. A word of advice – not all online marketing experts found over the internet are credible. You have to be cautious and careful when looking for such service. If you reputation matters to you, you wouldn’t leave it at the hands of people whom are unqualified to manage it.